Cats need something to keep them occupied while they aren’t napping. When cats are alone, they may climb on the furniture or scratch the wood. Prevent this from happening by investing in some cat toys. This article tells you about which toys might be best for your cat.

If you own a female cat, make sure the cat is spade when she’s old enough. You may not think it’s necessary if you have an indoor cat, but your cat may escape. A spayed cat is a safe cat.

TIP! To help your aging cat feel cozy, place a warmed tile under his bed. A terra cotta tile heated in your oven on about 200 degrees and for 15 minutes will do.

Make sure your cat has a collar if it goes outside. The collar and tag will make it easier to find the cat if it gets lost. The tag needs your phone number and cat’s name at the minimum.

Normally cats are nocturnal animals. This means that they will be the most active at night time. If your cats keep you up late at night, you should close the bedroom door. You can keep them from bothering you at night and getting your feet while you’re under covers.

Use quality food to prevent crystals from forming in a cat’s urine. It can be painful to pass these crystals and your vet bill will be priced accordingly. Your cat needs food low in magnesium. Always read labels. Fish is often high in magnesium compared to chicken.

TIP! Deter cats from shocking themselves on electrical wires by spraying them with bitter apple. If your cat plays with cords, put them up and out of the way, or you can hide them in old paper towel rolls.

When purchasing a tiny kitty as gift for the kids, it’s best to establish boundaries well ahead of the arrival. Make sure everyone understands which parts of the house the cat is not allowed in. If you’re raising an indoor cat, inform your kids that the cat can’t go outside. By getting these rules into place before having a cat, you’ll be sure that your children can understand.

If your thinking about allowing your cat to go outside, you may want to reconsider. Your cat might not be safe outside. Fleas can infest your cat, or something worse can happen. They can get in a fight or be hit by a car. If they have to go outside, make sure it’s a small area like your lawn or backyard.

You may find it is helpful to talk to others about challenges you have with your cat. Though you want to handle problems on your own, you may require advice from others who own cats. Your vet is a great source of advice, or you can find forums on the Internet to connect with other cat owners.

TIP! It can be hard to stop your cat from coming on your counters. Cats like heights and like to see everything happening around them.

If your cat’s scratching post looks old and worn, don’t throw it away immediately. It’s in this condition that cats tend to love it the most. If you throw it away too soon, that cat may look to your furniture for some clawing while it slowly breaks in a new scratching post.

Keep a collar with ID on your cat. Even an indoor pet should have this. Cats are curious by nature, and an open window or door invites exploration. Tags that list your contact number and vet’s name need to be worn. This is very critical if your feline has specific medical issues.

You should give your cat at least three weeks to grow used to the presence of a new animal. They may swat at each other or hiss; that’s nothing to be concerned about. But, eventually, they will get used to the idea, and begin to tolerate, and even enjoy, each other’s company.

TIP! The litter box for your cat needs to be positioned in the right place. Do not place it in a busy area or close to where your cat eats meals.

When your cat is due to deliver babies, ensure that she has a comfortable area with some space. Delivery can take between three and four hours. If six hours have gone by and you think there are still more kitten inside the cat, take her to a vet immediately.

To the greatest extent possible, you’ll want to keep your cat close to you and your house. Indoor cats typically live longer than those who live outside. While cats can get their exercise roaming the neighborhood and squaring off against other cats, they can also get diseases and injuries this way. Vigorous indoor play with an owner is a preferable way to get exercise.

Cat Medication

TIP! Often, the best cat medicine deals are found online. In an emergency, however, this might not be possible.

You should never give a cat medication that is for humans. The vet is the only one who should do the prescribing – not you. Giving the cat medication that wasn’t meant for them can really hurt them or even kill them.

Cats have a great sense of smell, which allows them to be more perceptive. This can sometimes cause difficulties when you buy a new scratching post, cat bed or food dish. Your cat may not initially appreciate a new pet. Once the cat gets used to the smell of the new item, quickly he or she will get accustomed to it.

Be on the lookout for panting in cats. For dogs, panting is typical behavior. Panting in a cat possibly indicates something serious is going on. Be sure and make an appointment with your vet if you notice any respiratory problems with your cat.

Sticky Tape

Put sticky tape on furniture. Cats will avoid scratching furniture if it is equipped with sticky tape. Certain pet stores sell this kind of tape. You should also provide your cat with a scratching post or a tower it can use instead of your furniture.

Put a collar with tags on your cat at all times. Cats are intelligent creatures and can easily find a way to get outside. If your cat ever wanders off, a collar with an i.d. tag makes it more likely that someone will bring him home.

TIP! Cats can be great pets for children, but some younger children may be a bit too rough with cats. Spend time instructing your children on cat care.

Make sure you keep up on flea and tick meds. Monthly drops can be very effective. These medicines can prevent harmful parasites, which can drain your pet’s blood, causing diseases. Get a brand that’s specifically for cat use to keep them safe.

Cats have lots of energy and toys can help keep them busy. Give them whatever they need. The recommendations in this article can keep your cat as happy as can be.