Cats can be the best pets as long as you do everything they want you to do! As a cat owner, it is important that you take the time to educate yourself on all of the best cat care tips and advice to ensure that your feline friend enjoys a great life. Keep reading for some great tips every cat owner should know about.

If your cat is a female, you’ll want to spay her once she reaches the proper age. If an indoor cat gets out, you may soon have kittens. Your best bet is to have your female cat spayed.

Dog Products

Don’t use dog products on your cats ever. Cats can have strong negative reactions to a product that is formulated for a dog. Flea products are a prime example. Dog products that are flea related can kill a cat. Your cat needs to be away from the dog after your dog has received a flea treatment.

Cats are nocturnal animals. Your cat will probably be very active during the night. Shut the door to your bedroom. This helps to muffle the sounds of nighttime play. This will ensure they don’t pounce on you at nighttime, or wake you up in other ways.

Litter Box

You have to place a litter box correctly. Don’t put it in a busy area, and keep it away from your cat’s food. To help control odors place the litter box in a well ventilated area. Your cat and your nose will thank you for the effort.

Your cat most likely spends quite a bit of time grooming. Hairballs are very common for long-haired cats. There are special foods you can give to your cat to reduce this problem. Certain cat foods are made just for decreasing hairballs, benefiting both your cat and yourself.

TIP! Cat’s claws can really put a dent in your furniture. If you have problems with a cat that shreds furniture, invest in a durable scratching post.

Look online for cat medicine. Sometimes you might not have time to wait for an online order to arrive however, such as if your cat needs an immediate antibiotic or emergency treatment. You can save as much as fifty percent on the stuff you regularly use.

To avoid having a picky cat, switch up the kinds of foods you give him. If you feed them the same cat food every day, they may not accept anything else. This makes it difficult to find food they’ll eat when a store runs out of a certain brand, or you are traveling.

Make sure your cat always wears identification tags on their collar. This is very important for indoor cats. Cats are curious creatures, and you never know when they might wander off to explore. Tags should include contact information for you and your vet. Include medical issues if appropriate.

TIP! Cats will be up during the night more often than not. In other words, they’ll be up and about late into the night.

If your pet is avoiding its litter box, try moving it to a different spot. Just like humans, cats can be sensitive to where they eliminate, so choose a private location if possible. Basements, laundry rooms, and other low traffic locations are a great choice.

There are some thing that you eat that may not be good for your cat. These can include chocolate, grapes, onions and tomatoes. If your cat eats these things then it can become ill or even die. Milk is another food to stay away from.

If your cat was adopted while you were not working, your cat will get lonely when you go back to work. Provide them with something to do while you’re gone, or consider adopting another cat.

TIP! Most cats spend a large amount of time on grooming themselves. Your cat can get hairballs in the event that their hair is too long.

If possible, have your cat eat dry food. When cats are kittens they need wet food because their teeth are so small. However, as their teeth grow, the hardness of dry food allows their teeth to get stronger. Dry and wet food can be mixed if you have a picky cat.

Make sure your cat does not get more food than it needs to prevent health problems. Your cat could become obese and develop some health issues. Make sure your cat’s diet is well-balanced.

Apply sticky tape to your furniture. This type of tape helps prevent your cat from scratching your furniture if it does this constantly. Many pet shops sell this sort of tape. You should also provide your cat with a scratching post or a tower it can use instead of your furniture.

TIP! Find cat medicine online if you want to get discounts. In an emergency, however, this might not be possible.

Cats can get sick in some of the same ways you can. You need to pay attention to your cat and make sure they are in good health. You should take your cat to the vet for an examination. The vet will be able to let you know if it’s something more serious.

Vet visits are unavoidable, but the bills can be very expensive. Much money can be saved if you purchase the cat’s medicine online. Some companies will even deliver directly to your home. This is particularly effective for heart-worm pills and flea treatments, which your cat will need on a monthly basis.

If you adopt another pet, it may make your cat uneasy for a while. To reduce the drama, separate the new animal from your cat. This will help the cat get used to the smell of the new animal. Gradually introduce the new member of your family to your cat.

TIP! Your cat has sensitive ears, especially in the car when they’re stressed out. Although you may love singing loudly to your favorite songs while driving, your cat would probably prefer softer sounds.

It’s very important to neuter or spay your cat if you want to be a responsible cat owner. Cats are natural explorers and love to look around and check things out. Therefore, even if your cat stays indoors, it will attempt to go outside. It doesn’t take long for a cat outside to come home pregnant inside. Thousands of cats have to be put to sleep yearly due to overpopulation.

Be sure you’re watchful of your cat when they are near holiday decorations. A curious cat might climb up the tree, try to swat it over, or chew on the needles. Keep them away from your tree and watch loose ornaments and tinsel that could harm their digestive tract.

Cats are great pets, but they need proper care. If you own a cat, feel free to read this piece over so you can absorb these great tips. With a little TLC and effort, your cat can have an amazing life.