There is no end to the joys of cat ownership. However, it should be noted that owning cat also requires a lot of hard work. You need to know what you’re getting into. This article highlights some of the jobs that you will have. Read them to keep your cat strong and happy.

You can also consider outfitting your cat with a chip so you can monitor its whereabouts. Even a house cat may end up lost outside, no matter how careful you are. Tags and collars are great, but they don’t always stay on your cat. They can also be a risk, should they get snagged on something. A teeny microchip can hold your contact information. Many vets and shelters have scanners that can read these chips and since they lie under their skin, they won’t get lost.

TIP! When looking for a new cat for your home, contact a local animal shelter. Shelters are overflowing with wonderful cats, and the adoption fee usually covers essential vet care.

Feeding your male cat the proper food can help prevent crystals from forming in his urine. These crystals can cause your cat pain to pass, and your vet bill can be expensive. Choose a cat food low in magnesium. Read the labels. Fish-based foods usually contain more magnesium than poultry-based foods.

When your cat is riding with you in your car, ensure you keep their ears in mind. While you may like some good tunes, your cat is going to appreciate other things. So, keep your volume down, or turn it off to give your cat a better travel experience.

Give your cat a good brushing regularly. The act of brushing helps the coat become glossy, and it helps stimulate the skin. It will also minimize hair loss. This can keep hairballs at bay because this can choke up a cat and also build up in its stomach.

TIP! Make sure that your cat is well groomed. A cat requires regularly brushing and combing.

To avoid having a picky cat, switch up the kinds of foods you give him. If they only eat the same food, they may never eat another food in the future.

Do not throw away your cat’s scratching post because it is starting to look very old and worn. The cats loves it the most in this condition. Tossing it and getting a new one may cause your cat to find something old to scratch like your furniture.

Help your cat live a longer life by keeping them healthy and keeping them current with check-ups and vaccinations. Just like children, a kitten needs to have immunizations and wellness checks periodically to avoid disease and other health problems later in life. Remember that the four-pawed members of your family need healthcare just as much as the ones that walk on two feet.

TIP! It is always important to take your cat to the veterinarian for regular checkups. Cats need yearly shots and overall health assessments.

Dogs will show a lot of enthusiasm through their tail when their owner comes back home. Cats wag or move their tails from side to side as well, but not for the reasons dogs do. A cat wags its tail when it is upset. If while being held by you your cat’s tail begins to wag, you may want to put him down so that you are not scratched or hit.

The foods you eat might not be very healthy for your pet. Grapes, onions and garlic are a few of the food items. These foods will cause indigestion or much worse for your cat. Milk is something that can hurt your cat’s stomach, so beware of that too.

Outdoor Cats

TIP! Cats love to squeeze into tiny spots. If your cat gets caught on something wearing a traditional collar they could end up hurting their neck trying to break free.

Make sure your cat stays inside as much as it can, near to both its home and its owner. Cats who live indoors live longer and are healthier than outdoor cats. Outdoor cats can be attacked by other animals and exposed to many harmful influences. Play with your cat daily to give it adequate exercise.

Don’t ever give your cat medicine created for humans. A visit to the veterinarian will ensure that your pet receives the proper medication. Pets that have taken human medications face serious injury or worse.

If your find that your cat is panting, pay attention. Dogs love to pant. Panting could mean your cat is dehydrated or nervous, but it could also be a sign of a serious issue. Take the cat to a veterinarian, especially if they’ve experienced previous breathing problems.

TIP! Don’t use dog portions for your cat. Cats have very strong, negative reactions to products formulated for dogs.

Place some sticky tape on your furniture. This style tape will really make your cat stop scratching the furniture. Certain pet stores sell this kind of tape. By protecting your furniture and providing a scratching post, you can break this type of habit.

Cats can be prone to a lot of the same illnesses you get. Your cat is an important family member, so it is up to you to know when he/she is not feeling well. Take your cat to the vet at the first sign of a problem. The vet can reassure you that your cat isn’t seriously ill.

Tick and flea medication is something you should use on your cat. Some treatments can protect your cat for months. Treatments like these can protect your cat from vermin that can cause diseases or drain its blood. Purchase a flea and tick medication made especially for cats.

TIP! Generally, cats love to stay on the counter. One thing they like about it is they enjoy being high up.

The holidays may not be the best time period to present a cat to your children. The better way would be to involve your child in picking out their new cat at a pet store or your local shelter.

Bad Weather

If the weather gets too bad, you won’t want your cat to stay outdoors in that. Bad weather can include times of unusual cold and heat, as well as constant rain and windy periods. A cat will instinctively seek a place of refuge during extreme weather, including dangerous places such as under a vehicle’s hood. Leaving your cat out during bad weather could cost you his life.

TIP! Do not allow your cat to be bored frequently. It is necessary for them to play and get exercise.

As was stated in the beginning of this article, you can benefit a great deal from owning a cat. However, you must properly care for your cat in order for both of you to be happy. If you see cat ownership in your future, put these tips to good use!