An adorable little puppy or dog can steal anyone’s heart. When you buy a new puppy, you’re in for a lot of work! The key to having a great relationship is a pet that is well trained. You’ll feel more confident, if you’re home with them or not. Keep reading to find out how to train your dog right.

Correcting a dog should be done quickly and concisely. Don’t berate your dog with a lengthy speech. Say no and give them a command to do the right thing. Let your dog know that if you raise your voice they need to pay attention.

TIP! It takes small steps to crate train your puppy; they must become accustomed to it. If your dog seems comfortable inside the crate when the door is open, shut it and feed them a treat.

Try to think like your dog. Puppy training can get extremely frustrating at times, especially when your dog isn’t learning commands that you think are very simple. Try to think the way your dog does. Imagining things as they see things may give you a different perspective in training them.

Exercise the dog for an hour daily, along with regular potty time outside. Your training will be easier and more effective if your dog gets good daily exercise. A dog who has proper training and enough play time will be a happy dog.

Always be aware of your tone of voice when you have to discipline your dog. Dogs are great at understanding how their trainer feels. If you want to correct bad behavior, try a disapproving tone with your dog.

TIP! When you correct your dog verbally, ensure your corrections are direct and short. Don’t berate your dog with a lengthy speech.

Accidents are bound to happen while housebreaking your puppy. Always clean up accidents right away to help with the training process and keeping the area sanitary. If your carpet retains a smell, your god will be attracted to this same spot. There are a number of products available at pet stores that get rid of these odors.

Introduce social places frequently and early to your dog. He needs to learn how to behave around both humans and other dogs. This is best taught early. Your dog will be better able to handle new situations.

Is your dog getting the food he needs? Make sure that they are getting the proper nutrition so that they can stay free of behavioral issues associated with a poor diet. Your dog will have better and more consistent energy if you are feeding him a species-appropriate diet. Ask for your vet’s advice in regards to proper dog nutrition.

Teach your dog the difference between right and wrong. This means to set firm rules for everyone to follow regarding your pet. This will make your efforts worthless.

It might be hard, but you must be patient around your dog. Your dog cannot speak or understand English, and does not have the cognizance of a human. The dog can only understand simple gestures and vocal tones but won’t understand your meaning. Take a breath and relax if you feel your frustration starting to creep up.

For every time that you say your dog’s name when correcting behavior, you should say his name several other times using a more positive tone. He must not think that his name is a negative word. If he does, then he won’t come when called.

TIP! If you have to keep your dogs outside, never tie them up too close to one another. The dogs could get wrapped up and they may be injured.

Be consistent when you are training your pup! The commands that you use should be used by others as well. Make a list, and make sure other people who deal with your dog know the commands. Behavior should be rewarded or not depending on the affect that is being sought. Different cues from different people will confuse your dog.

When your dog barks, pay attention to the environment or activity that causes excessive barking. Having an awareness of the triggers, can help you address the behavior constructively. For instance, if visitors cause your dog to bark incessantly, have visitors more often so that your dog becomes accustomed to their presence.

To prevent accidents from occurring in your home, learn the cues that your dog shows. Most dogs go through a serious of behaviors when they need to go to the bathroom. Discovering the pattern can allow you to get the dog outside in a timely fashion, thus reinforcing desired behaviors. Stay tuned in to your dog’s habits.

When training your dog, it is important to always be consistent. Consistency includes tone of voice, trained words, treats, and commands.

A big dog that enjoys stretching or lying on his back needs an appropriately sized bed. While you can purchase a large bed for your dog, you could also just use a mattress from a crib. These are convenient because you can change out the cover and wash it when it becomes dirty. They’re waterproof, too!

Learn to recognize the signs that your dog uses to let you know it does not want to do something. If your dog is showing you he is uncomfortable when meeting new people or animals, do not push him. You need to pay attention to warning signs that your dog might not like new people. You can’t push him into situations where he might become violent.

TIP! When training your dog, use discretion and regard for your dog’s attention span. Dogs can only handle a short amount of training at a time, so don’t overdo it.

With any luck, you have gleaned some information that will really help you bond with your pet. Apply the information that fits your circumstances. There is not a single doubt that your new pup or faithful dog has captured your heart. Training is what you need. Be certain to train your pet well. Best of luck to your and your beloved dog — or dogs.