Many people brag that cats make unrivaled pets. In addition to being fun and entertaining, having a cat will prevent rodents and other pests from getting in your home. Read on to find out how to care for your kitty.

Remove the drape cords from visibility when a cat is in the house. The cats will start playing with the cords and they can easily wrap around their necks. This could really hurt or possibly kill them. Pin and hide drape cords to avoid this.

TIP! Keep your cat away from your drapery cords. Whenever cats jump on these cords, they might get tangled up in them.

Make sure you keep all the recommended appointments with your cat’s veterinarian. Cats require special shots to prevent illness and the vet can check their overall health. It is best to always take your cat to the same veterinarian. That way, the doctor will be familiar with the history of your cat.

It may prove quite a challenge to make your cat stay off counter tops. Cats enjoy heights, as they can monitor events from their perch. You can try to combat this problem by designating some high-up places for your cat to hang out. Sometimes strategically placing a tall cat tower near your kitchen will help.

Be sure to show your cat affection as much as possible. They want warm companionship since that’s what they provide to you. Your cat needs to socialize and get plenty of attention from everyone in your family. They want to know they are a valuable part of the family too.

TIP! It’s crucial that your pet gets checkups from your vet regularly. Your cat requires a variety of vaccines and shots to prevent illness, and it is also important to identify health problems before they become too severe.

Make sure your kids know the rules before kitty comes home. Make sure your children know what rooms the cat can go into and what rooms it can’t. If you want to have an indoor cat, explain to your children that they cannot let it go outside. Setting up rules ahead of time can help your kids understand better.

Cats enjoy heights. To keep your cat healthy, provide your cat with a high place to sit. Placing a shelf or two up high will not take up too much space in your home. Install a small bed for your cat or a comfortable blanket.

Litter Box

TIP! If your cat is a female, be sure to get her spayed when she is old enough. Even if you own an indoor cat, it might produce many kittens if it escapes during mating season.

Avoid spending too much time trying to train your cat to utilize its litter box. Using the litter box is instinctual for cats, and they require no training. While some folks think you should pick up your cat and place their paws against the litter, this can actually be traumatic.

Do not punish your cat if they make a mess in the area outside of the litter box. Your cat probably did not use the litter box because it is not well taken care of. Punishing your cat will just make them afraid of you later on.

Acclimate your cat to its carrier. Dogs and cats will respond differently to punishment. Cats learn well when they feel encouraged. Placing some of your cats favorite items in the carrier can really help. Eventually, the cat will go into the carrier naturally and feel comfortable. Transporting your cat inside the carrier will then become much easier.

TIP! It’s not easy convincing your pet that the kitchen counter is a no-cats zone. Cats like heights and like to see everything happening around them.

Don’t toss an older scratching post just because it looks worn. This is the condition that cats like the most. When you bring in a new post, the cat may ignore it.

Keep a breakaway collar and tag on your cat. This is essential, even for indoor pets. The lure of an open door or window is very attractive to your curious cat. Tags that have your vet’s name and phone number are good things to put on the collar. This is also vital if your animal has health issues.

You should try keeping your cat inside or allowing it to go in the backyard. Indoor cats live longer than others allowed to walk around the neighborhood freely. Cats who live indoors are less likely to contract a disease than those who live outdoors.

TIP! You will often find ways to save money on medication for your cat on the Internet instead of getting it from your vet. When an emergency strikes, however, you may not have the option of buying medications on the Internet.

Always keep your declawed cat indoors. An outdoor cat who has been declawed cannot defend itself as well without claws; therefore, you are putting your cat in extreme danger. Only declaw your cat if you are serious about keeping them indoors. Only take out the front claws. Never remove the claws from the back, as these are not harmful to your stuff.

Cats are able to smell very well and will notice changes to their environment. This is good but can cause issues when you introduce something new to the home, like a new cat bed or scratching post. Don’t fret if you can’t get kitty to use a new item right away. As the smell takes on the smell of your home, your cat will warm up to it.

Panting is a bad symptom. Panting is quite normal for dogs. Cats often pant when they are anxious or overheated, but this may also signal a more serious issue. If your cat is panting, and has a history of breathing problems, call your vet for advice.

TIP! Be very careful about allowing children to be alone with a kitten. If a child is under the age of five, you should not leave the pet alone with them.

Your cat needs a quality collar and a tag. Cats aren’t stupid animals – they may try to leave the house when they find an opportunity. With the tags on the collar, it will be that much easier for someone to bring the cat back home if it does happen to escape one day.

Be sure your cat receives a tick and flea treatment. There are many different varieties of monthly drops that have proven to be quite effective. These parasites can spread diseases to your cat and leech blood from their body. The medications prevent this. Purchase a flea and tick medication made especially for cats.

Be sure you’re watchful of your cat when they are near holiday decorations. The cat’s curiosity may have them climbing the tree, which will cause problems for both the cat and household members. Keep all ornaments up high and the cat away.

TIP! If your cat experiences major problems, don’t be afraid to talk to other cat owners. It’s possible that you could solve the problem on your own, but why deny help from others? You can also go on the Web and ask your question in a forum.

While you might not consider a cat a great hunter like a guard dog, the cat eliminates smaller pests, has the motivation and is much more family-friendly. A cat is an excellent hunter and almost always makes the kill, sometimes much easier than the dog. It’s not surprising that cats are popular given the attributes that have been described.