Cats are curious creatures. They can get by on their own but still enjoy the company of humans. They confuse and even infuriate you at times; however, there are other times that you just love them to death. The following advice will help you care for your pet.

Create a tablecloth just for your cat. Some cats prefer to remove their food from the dish and eat it off to the side. This makes quite a mess. Put a placemat under the bowl, or even some fabric so cleaning up is a snap.

TIP! Be cautious about using canine products on your feline friend. Cats are not the same as dogs, and products meant for dogs can make cats very ill.

When getting a little kitty for your kid, set boundaries beforehand. Explain where the cat is and isn’t allowed. If you want to have an indoor cat, explain to your children that they cannot let it go outside. Clearly explaining the rules will limit future mishaps.

Always watch a kitten around small kids. A child under five should not be left alone with a pet. They’re not really mature enough to know how dangerous a kitten can be. When your children age, you will realize when they’re able to deal with a pet.

Cats enjoy high places. To make your cat really happy, give it a place to safely survey its area. If a big cat tree is not something that can easily fit in your home, get a sturdy shelf that can be used as a perch. Additionally, you can place a bed or blanket in this space.

TIP! Cat’s claws can really put a dent in your furniture. If you have a cat that is wreaking havoc, buy a scratching post.

Give your cat a good brushing regularly. This helps spread out the cat’s natural oils in their fur and stimulates blood flow in the skin. It also gets rid of shedding hair. Brushing eliminates the formation of hairballs which may choke your cat and lead to buildup of excess hair in the abdomen when the cat grooms himself.

Get your cat used to a carrier. Cats don’t react to punishment like dogs do. They like responding to encouragement better. Take their favorite blanket and place it within the carrier. Then leave the carrier with the door ajar in a frequented spot. The cat will enter it on its own. Once this is achieved, you can transport your cat inside the carrier much easier.

Is your pet’s scratching post starting to look beat up? Don’t toss it out! This is the condition that cats most appreciate. If you throw it away, you may find your cat scratching on other surfaces.

TIP! Keep your cat active and entertained to avoid boredom. Cats require physical activity.

Don’t scrimp when it comes to your pet’s food. Look at the ingredients and make sure protein like fish, chicken, or beef is near the top. Avoid brands that use non-meat fillers like corn. Understand that your cat needs a lot of animal protein to stay healthy.

Feed canned food to your cat. It sometimes has more benefits over dry. Canned food gives your cat more protein and the water content helps with hydration. It is easier for older cats to chew. Ask your vet, though canned food is often better for your cat.

Litter Box

TIP! Reconsider outside time for your cat. This isn’t safe for your cat.

If the cat stops using their litter box all of a sudden, keep an eye on this. Many feline health conditions can cause a cat to urinate and defecate in random places outside of their litter box. Infections and problems with the kidneys and bladder may be the culprit. If this happens, you are advised to take your cat to the vet.

Never use chemicals that have phenol in it near your cat. Phenol is typically found in cleaning products such as Pine-Sol and Lysol. Your little friends find this smell completely offensive. Even worse it can cause liver damage over time.

There are some options for a cat with hairballs. One mixed teaspoon of pumpkin mixed into your cat’s food should help. In addition to the pumpkin, try one teaspoon of water from a can of tuna. Some cat foods have components, such as fiber, that prevent hairballs.

TIP! Never punish the cat if he or she causes a mess outside the litter box. If this happens, it may be because you have not kept the box as clean as you should.

If your schedule has changed recently, leaving your cat alone for long periods of time, you may find that your cat will seem lonely or lethargic. To improve your cat’s mood, consider adopting a second cat. They can then keep each other company while you are absent.

Cats do best on a diet high in dry food. Kittens need some wet food because they have very small teeth. When they get older, their teeth benefit from harder dry foods. You can also mix wet and dry food together if your cat is really picky.

Think about keeping your cat primarily inside the house. Research has shown that cats who go outside regularly do not live as long. In addition, they are more prone to contracting all kinds of diseases. Some diseases that outdoor cats acquire can also be passed along to humans. Let your indoor cat have a place where it can look out a window so that they can get the feeling of the outdoors from an indoor location.

TIP! Provide your cat with a drinking fountain. This will make things more comfortable and homey for your cat.

If you own a cat, you should get it spayed or neutered as soon as possible. Cats just get around sometimes. Even a happy indoor cat will attempt to get outside. Whenever your cat is successful in getting itself outside, there is a possibility that it will come back pregnant, or if it’s a male, impregnating another cat. Lots of cats lose their lives because of overpopulation every year.

If you are concerned that your outdoor cat may stray away from home, consider having your vet insert a microchip beneath the skin. If you think that you have a missing pet, you can look on a website to see where they ended up and that makes it easy to locate your pet.

Don’t let your cat bite peoples’ feet or swat at humans. It may seem cute, but it’s not good behavior. Train them from the day they enter your home to get them to behave well.

TIP! It may be time to take your cat to see the vet if it begins urinating more frequently and in places besides its litter box. Sometimes, abnormal urination habits indicate an infection of the urinary tract.

Cats can be odd birds at times, but their loyalty is unmatched. Use the ideas in this piece to get the most of your relationship. Having cats are great and when caring for them correctly, you’ll have some happy family friends.