Cats make wonderful pets, but they are expensive to take care of properly. After paying for shots, toys, cat food, litter and grooming, you may feel like reconsidering your choice to own a cat. With the solid advice below, you will find ways to keep your pet and save some money too.

Prevent your cat from chewing on electrical cords by spraying bitter apple on them. If your cat still prefers to chew on cords, then you have to make sure they stay covered. Use some paper towel rolls to tuck loose cords. Put your electronics away so your cat is not tempted to chew on the cords.

TIP! Prevent your cats from playing with drapery cords. Cats love to play with hanging cords and this poses the threat of your cat hurting themselves or becoming entangled.

Give your kitty lots of love. Most cats crave the same warmth and companionship they give their owners. Like people, cats like to socialize and need to feel like they’re an essential part of your life. This will increase the love that surrounds the family.

Be especially mindful of your cat’s ears when you take them on a trip. They don’t want to hear you singing at the top of your lungs. Turn down the music and let the cat rest.

There needs to be set boundaries with your children and a new kitty. Make sure everyone understands which parts of the house the cat is not allowed in. If you’re planning to have an indoor cat, explain to your children that the cat is not allowed to be outside. Setting rules in advances ensures understanding.

TIP! If you plan on getting a cat for a pet, try looking into a local shelter. Shelters are overflowing with wonderful cats, and the adoption fee usually covers essential vet care.

Are you the proud owner of both a cat and dog? Dogs take every opportunity they can get to eat the cat’s food. Consider placing the cat food on a location away from where the dog can reach. The added benefit is that you will prevent fights over the other animals food and water when one of them runs out.

High areas are ideal for cats. To make your cat happier, give him a lookout perch where he can check out the area. You can use a cleared shelf if you’d rather not have a cat tree. Make sure that this area is comfortable for your cat.

Regularly brush your cat’s hair. It really helps move natural oils around the cat’s fur, and it improves blood flow. It can also get rid of hair that is loose. This helps to stop hairballs and their associated medical problems.

TIP! Your cat needs to be groomed properly. A cat’s fur must be brushed or combed on a regular basis.

Feed your pet canned food. Dry food can be less costly, but there are quite a few benefits to canned food. There is more water in canned food and more protein and fat too. It’s easier for older cats to chew as well. You should ask your vet for some recommendations if you are not sure what kind of food to get.

It is important that your cat always where a collar that identifies them. Even an indoor pet should have this. A naturally curious cat will readily wander out an open door or window. Those tags can help if someone finds your kitty. Make sure your info and your vets info is on it. This is very important if your pet is likely to get lost or has some medical needs.

Your cat needs good play time. It is pretty normal for all different types of species to have an inner desire to play. Kitties who are senior citizens may not be super energetic, but they still enjoy playing. Take time to have fun with your cat.

Litter Box

Consider the placement of your cat’s litter box. Although you may want to have the litter box hidden in a place where you won’t smell it, your cat’s needs should be before your wants. The thing to remember is that your cat must have easy access to the box. Cats can be finicky; that’s why you should give them space for their litter box that is familiar and does not put them off. If the box is placed on a cold floor, place a mat under it.

Your cat needs a quality collar and a tag. If it ever finds a way outside, you will be happy you did. A tagged animal has a much better chance of being brought home.

TIP! Your home likely has no small spaces a curious cat won’t want to investigate. Cats that wear collars are at risk should they become stuck somewhere cramped.

Treat your cat with flea medication. Monthly drops are the best way to go to protect your cat. These parasites can spread diseases to your cat and leech blood from their body. The medications prevent this. Protect your cat by purchasing products that are formulated exclusively for felines.

Introducing new animals into the household can irritate cats initially. To keep pet drama at a minimum, keep the pet away from your cat. The new smell is something your cat will need to adjust to. After some time has passed, slowly begin integrating the two pets together.

It’s the holidays, and you are probably thinking that this would be a great time to get a cat for your child, but in reality, it’s probably too hectic of a time for your child and the cat to get to know each other. A good idea would be to take your children with you when you go to pick out your new pet.

TIP! Make sure you purchase medicines and treatments specifically for cats. Cats will react very negatively to any products intended for dogs.

If you worry about your outdoor cat straying too far from your home, get them micro-chipped. If you notice that the cat is gone, you can track its location online and recover it more quickly.

When you look for cat food, go in knowing good and bad ingredients. Avoid those that have corn fillers, unspecified meats and preservatives. These foods do not bring anything good to your cat. To prevent this from happening, buy food that has a named protein source at the top of the ingredient list.

No matter what type or breed of cat it is, they can trigger allergies in people who may not have even had allergy troubles before. Therefore, when selecting a cat, you should aim to pick one that will minimize potential allergies. A male black cat which hasn’t been neutered may be a bad choice of cat. Try selecting a lighter colored female or a Siberian.

TIP! Think about putting a microchip in your pet. Even cats who live completely indoors may someday decide to bolt out the door or escape out of a window.

Caring for your cat is fun but it can also be a lot of work. With the amount of care that goes into them, it can be compared with caring for a small child. As this article has shown, there are many things that must be done to keep your cat happy and healthy.